Air Handling Systems is a trusted source for woodworking hobby shop dust collection. Since cost can be a major obstacle to using industrial pipe for a small, do-it-yourself woodworking shop, Air Handling Systems has developed a complete line of cost-efficient, lighter-gauge DIY Ductwork that maintains all the design characteristics of industrial piping.

By manufacturing in lighter gauges of galvanized metal with spot welds, the cost of our hobby shop ductwork is significantly lower, while still durable enough to withstand the vacuum level of up to a 3-horsepower dust collector. Pipe diameters range from 3″ to 7”; please note that ductwork may need to be sealed.

Let us help you achieve a dust free wood shop, just as we have done for thousands of industrial woodworking facilities.

The Benefits of Air Handling Systems Hobby Shop Ductwork

  • Available in 3″ to 7″ diameters
  • Withstands the vacuum level of up to a 3-horsepower dust collector
  • Lighter gauge galvanized metal with spot welds reduces cost while maintaining all the design characteristics of our industrial ductwork
  • 99% damage-free shipping record – we ship to all 50 states, plus U.S. territories