Air Handling Systems Technical Data and Specifications

Air Handling Systems provides technical data for those requiring more detail. Mechanical Contractors, Facilities Managers and Engineers dealing with industrial dust problems typically require additional information when designing or installing larger or more sophisticated systems. Simply click on appropriate link to view and download technical data.

Combustible Dust
OSHA refers to combustible dust as fine particles that present an explosion hazard when suspended in the air in certain conditions. View more up-to-date information about combustible dust.

Access Doors
Specifications on Access Doors for Round Duct and Flat Surfaces

Air Handling Systems Catalog
Dust & Fume Collection Catalog contains thousands of industrial grade fittings, spiral pipe, and flexible hose that are quick, adaptable, & easy to install.

Aluminum and other Combustible Metal
Information on Aluminum and other Combustible Metal.

Angle Rings
Specifications on Angle Rings.

Angle Rings, installing on Spiral Pipe & Elbows
Information on installing angle rings on spiral pipe and elbows using van stoned method and weld/tack weld method.

AWFS Fair 2019 – Classroom Safety – Dust Collection
Click link to download presentation at AWFS Fair – WE29 Classroom Tool Safety, A Participatory Session, Teacher Track – Dust Collection

Ball Joint and CNC Router Tech Data
Dust collection solution for CNC router.

Bellmouth Product Specifications including dimensions and weight

Blast Gate Product Specifications
Full Blast Gates 3″-24″ are constructed of aluminum castings with a galvanized steel slide blade. Gate can be disassembled for cleaning. Blast Gates are used to balance the air going from one branch to another branch. When a machine is used for only a part of the workday, you can close the Blast Gate and divert the air to another machine.

Cartridge Filters as After Filter Innovation or Gimmick
AHS Cartridge Filters as After Filter Innovation or Gimmick

CFM Requirements and Proper Branch Diameter Sizes
Guide to proper CFM requirements and proper branch diameter sizes

CFM and Static Pressure requirements for 14″ and larger

CNC Solution for Low Overhead

Codes and Standards
Contact information on various codes and standards such as International Mechanical Code, Uniform Mechanical Code, NFPA – National Fire Protection Agency, OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration, SMACNA – Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association

Comparison Chart – What Air Handling the BEST choice
Permanent Dust Collection System solutions from 3″ – 30″ diameter, spray booth stack up to 42”. Quick and easy to install, no additional clamps required. All components are truly modular; adaptable to metric, rolled edge, angle iron ring or any other system. This allows you to easily make changes or expand your system. AND MUCH, MUCH MORE

Dust Collection has Poor Suction
System Trouble Shooting.

Dust Collector, 1.5-hp Solution

Dust Collection, Metal and Fumes

Dust Collection, Spot vs General ventilation

Dust Collector, Location of

Dust Collector, Two-Stage

Dyna Tite Hanging Solution Cable Locks and Cable
DYNA-TITE CABLE LOCK is a hanging solution for spiral pipe. The newest fastest and most reliable way to secure equipment, reducing installation labor. A fast, strong, lightweight solution.

Elbow Die Stamped
Welded die stamped elbows have a 1.5 x diameter centerline radius.

Hobby Shop layout with 2HP Dust Collector
Here is a perfect example of a workshop with a 2HP dust collector which supports five machines. Layout of this type of system is simple and you don’t need to be an engineer. Just start with each machine and work your way back to the collector laying everything out in a drawing as shown in the one below. Please take note to double check all your measurements – as Norm Abram would say “measure twice, cut once”.

Hobby Shop layout with 3HP Dust Collector
Here is a perfect example of a workshop with a 3HP dust collector which supports seven machines. Layout of this type of system is simple and you don’t need to be an engineer. Just start with each machine and work your way back to the collector laying everything out in a drawing as shown in the one below. Please take note to double check all your measurements – as Norm Abram would say “measure twice, cut once”.

Lateral Tee and Various Fittings
View a variety of fittings including Lateral Tee, Y Branch, Tee on Taper, Saddle, Boot, Double Cross Lateral among various other fittings.

Lateral Tee Product Specifications including dimensions

Multi Tap Manifold
Detailed information and sample designs for Manifolds, designed for optimum airflow

PVC Ducting – Can PVC Ducting Be Properly Grounded?

Quick Flexhose Disconnect (QFD)
Quick Flexhose Disconnects are an easy way of coupling flexhose. Installs in flexhose with hose clamp and rivets.

Residential Central Vacuum System
Question: Can I pipe my house for a central vacuum system with my dust collector? Answer: There are two different types of dust collection, high velocity vacuums and conventional dust collectors.

Round Elbow Loss Coefficients Allowable Negative Pressures in Round Spiral Duct

Spiral Pipe Cutting Guide
Instructions on cutting spiral pipe.

Spiral Pipe in Concrete Floor
Spiral pipe in concrete floor or slab for dust collection.

Spiral Pipe Weight

Squirrel Cage Fans

Static Electricity and Grounding
Static electricity requires grounding a dust collection system which is why Air Handling Systems provides galvanized metal spiral pipe and fittings and flexible hose with wire helix.

Summer/Winter Bypass

Take off list for Quotes
Download this form to ease the process of quoting. Simply fill in quantities needed.

Trouble with Dust and Furnaces

Up-Blast Stack Cap Combination Non-Back Draft Damper
Specifications on Up-Blast Stack Cap combination non-back draft damper which is installed at the terminating point of a vertical exhaust stack.

Vacuum Hose & Kit – Industrial Strength
The Industrial Vacuum Hose & Kit will put the stray dust where it belongs – in the dust collector. Provides great solution for combustible dust collection.

Vacuum Hose & Kit – Intermittent Use
Vacuum Hose & Kit for intermittent use

Woodshop Dust Collection Power Point
“Wood Shop Dust Collection – How much air do I need?” will cover – How much CFM (cubic feet per minute) is required for a hood outlet diameter? Additionally, manifold sizing for multi port moulders and multi port wide belt sanders will also be discussed.  Additionally, included white pages “The Proper Three are Key”, “Innovation or Gimmick”, “How much CFM will my dust collector deliver”, “What is static pressure”, “Be sure to check inlet collar ID and OD”, and “Fitting Tip”.

Eli Whitney Museum Dust Collection
View Air Handling Systems ductwork for dust collection system at The Eli Whitney Museum, Hamden, Connecticut.

Manifold – Manufacturing Video
Watch the manufacturing process on creating a fully welded, airtight, multi-tap manifold primarily used in dust collection operations.

Spiral Pipe – Manufacturing Video
Air Handling Systems manufacturers spiral pipe in 18, 20, 22, & 24 gauge galvanized metal. Stronger than other pipe, our Spiral pipe is up to 20% stronger than smooth pipe systems of the same gauge, due to the added spiral reinforcement. No painting required on our spiral pipe, will last years outdoors.