oldAWhen you need an Air Handling System, who do you call? Well, Steve Thomas, Norm Abram, and Tom Silva from This Old House had just that problem when they were building a new workshop as part of an estate-remodeling project in Milton Mass. Having provided technical support and components for The New Yankee Workshop, Russell Morash, Executive Producer, recommended Air Handling Systems come back again to provide the dust collection system for this new shop.

The shop is somewhat unique because it was built from the ground up. This allowed for a major benefit – no overhead ducting. We were able to provide a system where the main duct and all the branches were laid in the sub-floor over which concrete was poured allowing for a very clean overhead work area. The spiral pipe is actually coated with PVC to maximize its long life in the concrete floor.

Once the machines were in place it was time to add the ductwork from the floor to each machine. This was the easy part. One challenge however, was the location of the dust collector. A two-stage 5 h.p. Delta International Machinery (model 50-903 cyclone) was installed, the same model used at The New Yankee Workshop. It is located in a small closet to keep the noise level down in the shop. The problem was there was no room left for the fabric filter bag (the second stage) which holds all the fine dust that does not drop into the can below the collector. The bag is actually located about thirty feet away in another area. Overhead spiral pipe was installed in a loft to convey the fine dust. This setup provides a workshop where the only noise generated is from the powered woodworking tools.

Initial planning is very important in this type of dust collection system. Once the pipes are laid and the concrete is poured, changes in the main duct and branches becomes almost impossible. Expansion of the system is limited unless it is designed into the initial plan.

The origin of working with This Old House, the most famous home improvement television show in the country, started back in 1991. We provided technical support to develop a system for a unique woodshop, The New Yankee Workshop hosted by Norm Abram. This was an interesting challenge because we had to deal with; limited floor space, lighting, camera angles, and most importantly, noise level.

We are proud to help support quality public television programming like This Old House and The New Yankee Workshop.

This Old House television show has been working on a project in Milton Mass. Part of the project included a new woodworking shop. Having worked with Air Handling Systems on The New Yankee Workshop, the producers of the show contacted Air Handling Systems to provide the necessary dust collection for this project.

Thank You Letter from the Producer

March 9, 1998
Dear Curt:

newBThe dust has settled, the trucks have pulled away, our beloved Milton house is now on the market, and I’m writing this belated note on behalf of all of us at the show to thank you for your generosity and help during this latest job. The house is, we think, a real tribute to craftsmanship and quality products, and it could not have happened without you.

Again, thank you for being part of the team.


Bruce Irving, Producer
This Old House