The New Yankee WorkshopnewA, hosted by Norm Abram, required a complete Dust Collection System and they turned to Air Handling Systems to help them meet their needs. Our technical representative, Curt Corum, was assigned to develop the system for this special project. Curt worked with Norm and Russell Morash, Executive Producer, in order to design a system for such a unique workshop. A television studio woodshop had special concerns that had to be addressed. A few examples were, limited floor space, camera angles, lighting, and most importantly noise level.

Delta International Machinery Corp. supplied a model 50-903 cyclone Dust Collector with five horsepower motor. The unit was chosen for its ability to fit in a tight location, relatively low sound level and industrial quality. The Deltacollector’s compactness was ideal for the limited floor space problem. The unit was located in a storage area adjacent to the workshop.

When filming, the sound equipment picked up the background noise from the collector. The solution was to install our Duct Silencer which reduced the noise level. This was installed between the filter bag and the cyclone.

The main trunk line ran up in the peak of the ceiling and several branches were run down the ceiling slope to various machines in the shop. One problem Curt faced was the table saw, which was located in the middle of the shop. The normal way to handle this is to drop a branch down from the ceiling, but this could not be done because it would interfere with the cameras. The solution was to run a line along the ceiling, down the wall and across the floor. Then, there was the exposed ductwork on the floor, a potential trip point. Norm solved that problem by building a wooden ramp over the duct.

newBThere was also a Chop Saw in the shop. The exhaust hood at the back of the blade was not adequate enough. Curt solved this problem by supplying a standard reducer which was installed to fit in a 10″ hole that was cut under the blade in the bench top. A piece of flex hose was attached to the reducer and the other end was attached to a lateral tee which finalized the connection of this machine.

A floorsweep is also used in the shop. This is one of Norm’s favorite components to the system. After a day of working in the shop, all the excess wood dust is swept up to the floorsweep and pulled right into the collector.

The camera crew is also very happy with this dust collection system. Before the system was added there was a lot of wood dust on the cameras and lens, now they are virtually dust free.

Once the project was completed we had two very happy clients, Norm Abram and Russell Morash. Air Handling Systems continues to provide The New Yankee Workshop with different components to meet their needs.