Growing up with a family in the home improvement business, Yancey Company (Sacramento’s oldest home improvement company, since 1939), Robin had a lifelong desire to work with her hands, which goes back to high school where she wanted to take wood shop and drafting. However, not that much unlike today, woman were not encouraged to embrace shop classes, whereas woman are the ones in reality that have greater dexterity in working with their hands hence greater potential to construct great things.

Fast forward, after a career in real estate Robin had a chance to lead the family business, which had its challenges. While still not being able to truly work with her hands she was able to grow and build the business to the point where her son is now the third generation leading the family business.

Now, finally in retirement Robin has the gift of time which allows her to pursue her high school dream of woodworking. She built the shop first then installed the dust collection system and painted it pink, she said “it had to be pretty.” She built the tables for the shop; and then a door for her own home. Next is furniture for a family friend who helped her build the shop.

According to Robin, “I knew construction from tagging along with my dad when possible, but am just learning how to use machinery and build “hands on” with wood. I am having the time of my life as this is not only challenging, and creative but a little dangerous too. All the elements I need to stay young and keep me on my toes.”

Yancey Chicken Coop 015

Spiral Pipe with blast gates and flexible hoses use to attach to various machinery.

Yancey Chicken Coop AKA Wood Shop 030

Spiral Pipe, Later Tee, Elbows, Blast Gates and Flexible Hose connected to table saw, chopsaw, and jointer.

Chicken Coop 4-12-2015 021

Close up of Spiral Pipe, Lateral Tee, Elbows, Blast Gates and Flexible Hose connected to jointer.