Cross River Cabinetry from Oxford, Connecticut purchased a Weeke CNC Router and contacted us prior to delivery of their new machine. To aid in faster installation of their new machine, the staff at Cross River worked with Weeke to determine the ductwork needs for their dust collection which led them to purchase spiral pipe and fittings, including a ball joint as well as U30 flexible hose. They commenced installation of ductwork, so when the machine arrived, they could easily make final connections to get it up and running. However, when the machine was delivered, they found they were misinformed about the location of certain dust collection ports, thus slowing down the installation of the system, they so wanted to avoid. Being within 20 minutes of our location allowed them very quick turnaround to stop in and pick up the additionally needed materials. We have learned, as much as you try and work with the machine supplier, many times the information is still not accurate. However, we will work diligently to fabricate additional items needed to finalize any installation, understanding the need to get the machine functioning as soon as possible.

Click here to download PDF of Cross River Installation.