Eli Whitney Museum and Workshop

Air Handling Systems has been supporting the Eli Whitney Museum and Workshop since 2003 when they installed their first central dust collection system. Just as a typical custom shop, flexibility was key as each day brought a new project.  However, unlike a typical shop, their typical customer is of school age and helps to build one of over 70,000 projects. Today, meeting the students needs they have grown in production output, shop size and machinery. Most recently they have added a second CNC machine and Air Handling Systems was there to help. According to Mike Dunn, Museum Woodshop Manager, “Air Handling Systems has been with us since the beginning of our dust collection journey and their staff has provided superior customer service and quality dust collection components to the Eli Whitney museum woodshop and to that end we are extremely appreciative.” Wm Brown, Director of the Museum continues by saying “What I like about Curt Corum, Sales Manager is that he gives us, not an opinion or a single product, but smart choices. Call it “clear air and clear thinking.”

Eli Whitney CNCs

This Old House – Milton, Massachusetts Project

When Norm Abram, and Tom Silva from This Old House needed a dust collection system for a workshop as part of a project in Milton, Massachusetts they called Air Handling Systems. Having provided technical support and components for The New Yankee Workshop, Russell Morash, Executive Producer, recommended Air Handling Systems come back again to provide the dust collection system for this new shop.  The origin of working with This Old House, the most famous home improvement television show in the country, started back in 1991. AHS provided technical support to develop a system for a unique woodshop, The New Yankee Workshop hosted by Norm Abram. This was an interesting challenge because AHS had to deal with; limited floor space, lighting, camera angles, and most importantly, noise level.  AHS is proud to help support quality public television programming like This Old House and The New Yankee Workshop.

Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf

The Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf, was formed to reach the deaf of the world, through Villages and Churches.  Click on the Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf to see installation pictures of the entire dust control system including woodworking dust collector, and other dust control products.