Air Handling Systems has been in the dust and fume collection industry over 60 years. Over these years we have developed a quick & easy system that is straightforward to install.  Shop Online for spiral pipe, flexible hose, blast gates, fittings, duct work, and blow pipe as all standard components are in stock ready to ship by UPS, FedEx Ground, or LTL Common Carrier. Items out of stock and custom-made parts generally ship in 5 working days. Simply slip the large end pipe over the small end fitting or coupling. For a double durable system, simply secure with silicone & pop rivets. Our fittings are fully welded, to eliminate leakage. A properly installed system will not only be cost effective, but energy efficient. A proper connection with pop rivets and silicone will make your system completely airtight. All spiral pipe, flexible hose and fittings are truly modular and adaptable to metric, rolled edge, angle iron ring or any older dust collection components. This allows you to easily make changes or expand your present system in the future. Spiral pipe is up to 20% stronger than smooth pipe systems, due to spiral reinforcement in manufacturing process. Our fittings are up to 20% thicker in comparison to other competitors. Our products are designed to meet industrial standards.