Stainless Steel Up-Blast Stack Cap

Stainless Steel Up-Blast Stack Cap

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All Stainless Steel materials are supplied in 304, 2B, unless otherwise specified. Due to market fluctuations prices and product availability available upon request.


Stainless Steel Up-Blast Stack Cap is the same as our galvanized up-blast stack cap.  The Up-Blast Stack Cap has two damper blades that open automatically when the fan is turned on. When the fan is at operating speed, rain and snow are pushed away from the open duct. The damper blades remain at a slight angle when they are open. At the moment the fan is turned off, the blades drop and close off the open duct. This stops rain, snow or outside air from entering the duct system.
Most state and local municipalities “require” an Up-Blast Stack Cap as the terminating point of an exhaust duct that is directed to the atmosphere. It is also recommended to terminate the exhaust duct 6 feet above the roofline in a vertical fashion. This prevents the contaminant from being drawn into the heating or air conditioning units, open windows, make up air units and other open vents in the roof.

For additional information, please refer to NFPA Code # 33-9 (section 5-11) and NFPA Code #91. The Code booklets can be obtained from the National Fire Protection Agency, Quincy MA, (617) 770-3000 or www.nfpa.org.


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