STRAP100 – Convenient strap for hanging ductwork. 100-foot roll of heavy 16-gauge galvanized steel hanger strapping, 1″ wide. Convenient carrying handle in box makes it easy to dispense. Perfect for small to large installations. No wasted material. Weight per box 22 lbs. Easily shipped by UPS or FedEx Ground. To install, simply cut to length, locate and drill hole for hanging.

STRAP25 – Easily make your own hangers from our Light Duty Hanger Strapping, a 25-foot roll made of 20 gauge galvanized steel, 3/4″ wide. Hanger strap contains continuous perforated holes for easy bolting and/or nailing where needed. Locate hanger every 10 feet. Recommended for hanging 22 gauge spiral pipe up to 6″ in diameter. Simply cut strip to length, leaving enough material to hang from ceiling or attach to wall. Form by hand to desired pipe size. You can get up to six hangers per roll depending on your cut length.

STRAP5 – Hanger strapping is used with heavy-duty hangers and economical hangers. To install, attach a hanger approximately every ten feet on spiral pipe system and run strapping from hangers to a safe structural location. Each piece is 5 feet long, 16-gauge Galvanized by 1 inch wide. UPS shippable.