Flexible Hose U30-AP

Flexible Hose U30-AP


Smooth Bore

U30-AP Smooth Bore is a clear all thermoplastic polyurethane flex hose with yellow reinforced ABS helix. U30-AP has a smooth interior and is lightweight. Clarity of hose allows easy visual check for blockages. External ABS (non metal) helix provides added durability in applications where hose is being dragged.

25′ lengths only

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Flexible Hose U30-AP Smooth Bore Abrasion Resistance Urethane has an ultra smooth interior which assures efficient airflow. Great abrasion, puncture and tear resistance with high tensile strength and lightweight. Clarity of Flexible Hose U30-AP allows easy visual check for blockages. External ABS helix. Moisture Resistant, UV/Ozone Resistant, Abrasion Resistant, Puncture Resistant.

Flexible Hose U30-AP Construction: 33-40 MIL co-extruded all thermoplastic ether based polyurethane with rigid external ABS helix.  Color: Clear & Yellow. Standard Length: 25 ft. Temp. Range: -40 degree F to 200 degree F

Many Other Flexible Hoses Available. Air Handling Systems can provide a variety of flexible hoses. Call 800-367-3828.

Air Handling Systems is a national distributor of Hi-Tech Duravent and Flexaust.

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