Flexible Hose RFH Metric

Flexible Hose RFH Metric


General Purpose Metric

RFH-METRIC is identical to RFH except that its’ Metric size. Metric size has been developed to meet the needs of imported machinery owners.

Approximate Metric to Inch Conversion

80mm = 3-5/32″

Hose is sold in 25′ lengths ONLY.


Flexible Hose RFH METRIC is identical to RFH except that it is Metric size 40mm-160mm. General Purpose Flexible Hose RFH metric is the most versatile general purpose hose available. No cements, glues or adhesives are used in the manufacturing process. Can handle applications with a wide temperature range. Superior chemical resistance. UV/ozone resistant. Mild abrasion resistant. Flexible Hose RFH METRIC size has been developed specifically to meet the needs of imported machinery owners. Construction: 30-MIL thermoplastic rubber with wire helix. Color: Black. Standard Length: 25 ft. only. Temp. Range: -60oF to 275oF continuous ser­vice, in­ter­mit­tent service to 300oF

Air Handling Systems is a national distributor of Hi-Tech Duravent and Flexaust.

Many Other Flexible Hoses Available. Air Handling Systems can provide a variety of flexible hoses. Call 800-367-3828

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80mm Flexible Hose RFH Metric


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