Stronger Than Most Competitor’s Products, Fully Welded, Airtight

Commonly used when tapping into existing pipe, a 45 degree Saddle Tap Tee can be added on existing duct work by cutting a hole and pop riveting the saddle over the opening. It is important that you have the air volume (C.F.M.) for the new opening. Part Number designation for ordering, add “LST”. A 4″ dia. on 6″ dia. 45 degree Lateral Saddle Tap Tee, you would use Part No. 04LST06. 04 is branch size, and 06 is pipe size.

• Saddle price is based on branch diameter.
• Saddle branch is male end.
• Saddle is rolled to fit specified pipe size.
• 20 gauge galvanized welded construction.
• Fabricated to order.

Many others sizes of Tees available, call 800-367-3828 for quote