Spun Reducers

/Spun Reducers
  • Spun reducers are machine formed in standard sizes from 3 inch O.D. to 2 inch O.D. thru 32 inch O.D. to 30 inch O.D. Constructed of 20 gauge galvanized metal, Spun Reducers' collars are small end and length varies between 1.5 to 2 inches. Collars also measure 1/16 less than even inch outside.Most Reducers have over all length of approximately 8 inches.
  • Eccentric Reducers

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    Eccentric Reducers are designed for use in low pressure Heating and Air Conditioning Systems.Fabricated to your specifications.20 Gauge Galvanized Metal.When ordering, use A, B & C dimensions. S=2"Eccentric Reducers require 4-10 days for fabrication.Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Only.Call 800-367-328, email sales@airhand.com or fax 800-438-7165 drawing for quote.