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We manufacture spiral pipe in 18, 20, 22, & 24 gauge galvanized metal. Stronger than other pipe – Our Spiral pipe is up to 20% stronger than smooth pipe systems of the same gauge, due to the added 4-ply spiral lockseam reinforcement. No painting is required on our spiral pipe; it will last years outdoors. SPIDA (Spiral Duct Manufacturers Association) notes, “Spiral pipe is formed from a coil of prime metal into rigid steel tubing with a 4-ply spiral lock seam. Smooth interior pipe for low friction loss with the grooved seam entirely on the outside. Crushing resistance approximately 2 ½ times that of longitudinal lockseam or welded pipe.”

Spiral Pipe is available in 3-inch to 36-inch diameter in five foot lengths. It is considerably stronger than longitudinal pipe of the equivalent gauge. All 22 gauge Spiral Pipe measures 1/16″ less than the noted diameter on the inside (I.D.). Example 6″ diameter is 5-15/16″ I.D.

Spiral pipes and fittings along with our flexible hoses will complete your piping system. Spiral pipe is commonly used in dust collection as well as other applications such as industrial ventilation, spray booth stacking, welding booths, paper trim, pharmaceutical clean rooms, etc.

Spiral Pipe is easily shipped. Five-foot lengths up to 16″ diameter can be shipped via UPS or FedEx Ground for fast delivery. Five-foot lengths 18″ inch diameter and larger will be shipped by common carrier. The minimum required purchase amount is 40 linear feet. Please call for pricing.

Also available in 10-foot lengths when you require large amounts for longer runs, according to SPIDA “reducing the number of connections needed by half to create a duct system and thereby reducing installation time, labor and equipment.” Contact us at 203-389-9595 or sales@airhand.com for more info.

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