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Available in Stainless & Galvanized.

  • Flexible Metal Hose TLOK

    Triple Lock 316 Stainless FlexhoseTLOK Flexhose is an economical 316 stainless steel tubing designed to handle a broad range of applications, including fume control & elevated temperatures up to 1700ºF. Constructed of triple mechanical lock, stainless steel 316 alloy - .005" with a bend radius of 1.5 x I. D. and a temperature range of -60 to 1700 Deg F.Hose is sold in standard length of 10 foot.
  • Flexible Hose MFLE

    Interlocking Galvanized Metal Flexible HoseInterlocking metal hose is highly economical. Its construction permits flexibility as well as strength. Typical applications include a wide variety of dry bulk material transfer, engine intake and exhaust systems, and woodchip collection.2" & 3" sold in a standard length of 10 foot, shipped via UPS or FedEx Ground in a 10-foot length.