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Great for cleaning up around machinery at the end of the workday.

  • Dust collection systems work great, but, they cannot possibly remove all the dust in the shop. How do you get rid of the stray dust from your hand tools and other machines that don’t have dust collection attachments? The Industrial Vacuum Hose & Kit will put the stray dust where it belongs - in the dust collector. Provides great solution for combustible dust collection.The Vacuum Kit includes the following:
    • 2-1/2" Industrial Vacuum Hose (25 feet long)
    Nozzle Kit including:
    • Two Wands
    • Floor Nozzle
    • Crevice tool
    • Dust Brush
    • Bench Nozzle
    • One Rubber Cuffs
    The kit attaches directly to your existing ductwork with a Saddle Tap Tee (03LSTxx-F) and 3” Blastgate with metal cuff adapter (03CUFFAD).3" Blastgate with metal cuff adapter (03CUFFAD) and Saddle Tap Tee NOT included.
    NOT for use on any dust collector where particulates enter the fan first. Requires a minimum of a 5 HP two-stage collector.
    Caution: Do not use 50 feet of hose for Vac Kit, as there is TOO MUCH RESISTANCE. 50 foot is available as a replacement to cut into shorter lengths.
    Vac Kit Disclaimer for Intermittent UseAir Handling System's Industrial Vacuum Hose and Kit is designed for general clean up around the shop floor and machinery. DUE TO POSSIBLE BUILD UP OF STATIC ELECTRICITY, PLEASE DO NOT USE FOR: 1.) VERY FINE DUST COLLECTION, SUCH AS BAG HOUSE ROOM OR 2.) VERY PROLONGED PERIODS OF TIME. It is critical to use a grounded vacuum kit with metal or aluminum wands for the applications sited above.Click here for Tech Data on Vacuum Hose
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  • Nozzle Kit for Industrial Vacuum
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  • Blastgate (3″) With Metal Cuff Adapter for Industrial Vacuum Kit

    Due to rising steel costs, 10% surcharge will be added to spiral pipe and/or fittings.

    3" Gate and Coupling for Vac KitVersatility of 03CUFFAD – The 03CUFFAD assembly can be used to secure the clamping of 3” ID flex hose to a machine. When the 3” ID flex hose is disconnected, the CUFF adapter is exposed to allow the plug in of rubber cuff on 2-1/2” vacuum hose.
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  • Saddle Tap Tee for Industrial Vacuum Hose & KitSaddle Tap Tee For Pipe Sizes Not Listed - xx represents pipe diameter. Please note Pipe Diameter in "Additional Notes" below.
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  • Flexible Hose for Vac Kit

    Industrial Vacuum Hose BLUE for Vac KitBLUE 2-1/2" Industrial Vacuum Hose replacement hose for Industrial Vacuum KitCaution: Do not use 50 feet of hose for Vac Kit, as there is TOO MUCH RESISTANCE. 50 foot is available as a replacement to cut into shorter lengths.
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  • Industrial Vacuum IVH-G Hose is a versatile flexible hose. Applications include venting gas, fumes & moisture; light dust collection; light vacuum applications. Smooth, easy to clean interior wall results in higher flow rates and reduced friction for longer wear. Cuffs are also available to easily attach hose to collection system.IVH-G Industrial Vacuum Hose is constructed of high strength fiber reinforced PVC hose cover bonded to coated spring steel wire.1.5" & 2" sold in 50' length and 3" sold in 25' length.Click here for Tech Data on Vacuum Hose
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  • Cuffs

    Cuffs for industrial vacuum hose
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