Angle Rings, Quick Clamps, & Galv. Rings

/Angle Rings, Quick Clamps, & Galv. Rings
  • Angle Rings (pre-punched with holes) have an obstruction-free interior with stronger and sturdier joints (welded hot rolled steel). Used in Spray Booth Stacking, Paper Trim Collection, Bulk Material Handling, and any system that requires easy disassembly or where 18 gauge Spiral Pipe is installed. Angle Rings exposed to weather will have to be painted in the field. When installing, weld Angle Ring on pipe then bolt together. Click here for Tech Data on Angle Rings 24"-42" Angle Rings MUST be shipped by Common Carrier. 26"-42" Angle Rings require minimum purchase, please contact us for more details.  
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    14 gauge galvanized Angle Rings are strong lightweight flanges that are ideal for HVAC duct. They are easy to ship, handle and install. 6 - 10 inch have 6 bolt holes, 12 -18 inch have 8 bolt holes.
  • Quick Clamp is easily removed by loosening two bolts. This saves time where removing of ductwork is required. Note: Ring not included with clamp. Not to be used with 14 gauge Angle Rings.