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Flexible Hose

Light, strong, versatile. Available in abrasion resistant.

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Spiral Pipe

Smooth on the inside.
Good for wood dust, paper trim…

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Dust Collection Systems

From hoods to silencers and gates to hangers – we have it.

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Flex Hose

Woodworking Hobby Shop metal dust pipe, fittings and hose.

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Woodworking Hobby Shop metal dust pipe, fittings and hose.

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Combustible dusts are fine particles that present an explosion hazard when suspended in air under certain conditions according to OSHA. However, according to the OSHA Combustible Dust ANPR (Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking), “No single, universally accepted definition of combustible dust is available. Even among standard promulgated by the same standards-developing organization, the definitions vary significantly.”


Originally I was hesitating to order because of the long distance between Connecticut & Alabama, but found Air Handling Systems’ prices extremely reasonable – at least half of anyone in the area. Upon receiving the shipment I was pleased at how well packaged the product was. I was very pleased with my experience with Air Handling Systems, and plan to use them for subsequent jobs.
General Contractor, Mobile, Alabama
Outstanding Service and Technical Advice is why I continue to use Air Handling Systems. Speed in providing the needed materials and accuracy in system design tools are essential services provided by Air Handling Systems. The ease of installation helped save me money by using my own staff to install this entire system.
Cabinet Manufacturer, Whitestown, Indiana
Hello, I am writing this email because I was very impressed with your company. I recently made an order for my customer, a millwork shop in PA. When we received it there was only one box. I figured you have just stuffed my whole order in the box. Upon opening the box I was shocked to see it was very neatly packed. The other thing that impressed me was the quality of workmanship that was put into the product. I will be recommending you to several other contractors that deal in dust collecting systems.
Mechanical Contractor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The spiral pipes are of excellent quality. They fit together well. I am extremely pleased with the finished product.
Custom Woodworking Shop, New York
Who ever does your packaging is the best I have ever seen. I also have ordered from a couple of your competitors. Tell him to keep up the good work.
Supply Company, Fishersville, Virginia
Just wanted to thank you for some of the best customer service I have had in sometime. I work part time at Woodcraft and will absolutely be recommending your company.
Rafael C, West Springfield, MA
Super. Nice job. Thanks Curt! Everything installed smoothly the day after parts arrived. One of us has been grinding metal on the Burr-King ever since!
Custom Craftsman, Phoenixville, PA

Industrial Strength Ductwork Direct

Air Handling Systems based in Woodbridge, Connecticut, manufactures dust and fume collection components including industrial ventilation spiral pipe; warehouses and distributes various flexible hoses, for a variety of commercial and industrial applications which include woodworking, aerospace, paper, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics and HVAC.

Our fully stocked warehouse, in conjunction with our high-tech full service fabrication facility, provides you with the most rapid production in the industry for spiral pipe, fittings, and flexible hose. Before you say, “I can’t afford a dust collection system or fume collection system” or “I can’t wait months for delivery,” we can help you make it possible! We have solved the dust collection system affordability problem.

Whether you need an entire system or just a few dust collection components, we offer some of the most competitive dust collection system prices in the market to fit your budget. How do we do this? Air Handling Systems handles fabrication and inventory. This eliminates the middleman and can save you from 30% to 50% on dust collection system costs. Over 90% of stock orders can be shipped within 24 hours or less. No more problems, expensive downtime or delays.


Standard spiral pipe, fittings and flexible hose are in stock ready to ship within 24 hours by UPS, FedEx or Common Carrier or if you have a vehicle in the Connecticut area you can stop by our Woodbridge, Connecticut location. Items out of stock and custom-made parts generally will be shipped in 5 working days. On rush orders, we can also handle your Next Day, Second Day or 3-Day Select requests. Every major shipping carrier serves our Woodbridge, CT. We are knowledgeable about shipping rates and carriers to different parts of the country and world. Our Shipping Department is very experienced and works to make sure the shipment goes by the most economical carrier.


Our fabrication department is dedicated to producing quality products. We are very well versed in creating custom components to fit your every need. Producing round metal fittings has been our business for over sixty years. Whether you need one special fitting or a thousand custom parts, we fabricate many custom components to meet the needs of our diversified customer base. We are here to meet your needs. Remember we will handle any size order, from one fitting to an entire system. Call us at (800) 367-3828 to discuss your next project or email your quote to


If your system leaks, you are literally wasting money. 10% leakage on a 50,000 CFM system will lose enough air to add five to six machines. All of our fittings are fully welded to eliminate leakage and give proper support that will last a lifetime. A properly installed system will not only be cost effective, but energy efficient. A connection with pop rivets and a silicone chemical bond will make your system completely airtight. We advise against using duct tape, it’s unsightly, the fabric deteriorates and it doesn’t have elasticity.


All duct work, also known as blowpipe, including spiral pipe, fittings and flexible hose are truly modular and adaptable to metric, rolled edge, angle iron ring or any older dust collection components. This allows you to easily make changes or expand your present system in the future.


Spiral pipe is up to 20% stronger than smooth pipe systems, due to spiral reinforcement in manufacturing process. Our fittings are up to 20% thicker in comparison to other competitors. Our products are designed to meet industrial standards.


Air Handling Systems supplies to a whole array of furniture and cabinetmakers, boat builders, mobile home manufacturers, sawmills and many other wood product manufacturers that are attendees of IWF (International Woodworking Fair) as well as members of the WMMA (Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America). We also work with paper mills and corrugated box manufacturers. We have provided systems to television shows such as the New Yankee Workshop and This Old House and woodworking publishing companies such as Taunton Press, publishers of Fine Woodworking.


Combustible dusts are fine particles that present an explosion hazard when suspended in air under certain conditions according to Combustible Dust resource page with links to several presentations by Air Handling Systems as well as links to additional resources such as NFPA 664: Standard for the Prevention of Fires and Explosions in Wood Processing and Woodworking Facilities.


Are you installing spray booths, welding booths, or any other equipment that requires ducting for proper ventilation? Are you a Chemical or Allied Product Manufacturer with processes that generate fumes? How about a shooting range that needs ventilation for gun smoke? We have provided solutions for these applications and many more.


Printing and publishing facilities need ozone removal. Oil Extraction in the Gulf of Mexico needs fresh air supplied to explosion proof testing labs. Pharmaceutical manufacturers need special flexible hose for clean rooms. These are just a few examples of how we service pollution control.


Unable to provide parts promptly for an installation? We supply HVAC shops throughout the entire country. With our fully stocked inventory we can get you what you need, when you need it. If you have a special requirement, please call us. We will be happy to provide a quote.


Air Handling Systems is proud to support many industries by holding memberships in the following associations.


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