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Dust Collection and Combustible Dust Education

Air Handling Systems has dedicated resources to continue to strengthen dust collection education opportunities for people involved in dust collection and industrial ventilation.

Air Handling has always prided itself on providing expert knowledge in the field of dust and fume collection through technical sales staff, as well as design information and installation information published in both the catalog and on-line. Staff serve as Technical Advisors to Trade Publications, such as Fine Woodworking, Wood & Wood Products, CWB, Woodshop News, FDM, Cabinetmaker and, just to name a few.

Expert Knowledge

Our staff is involved in a wide range of activities covering the industrial dust collection and air handling systems market.

The staff of Air Handling Systems provides dust collection education, technical support for leading industry trade publications, such as Wood & Wood Products, CWB, Woodshop News, and FDM among many others.

We have provided technical seminars and presentations at trade shows and conferences throughout the country on woodworking dust collection, solid surface dust control, and combustible dust.

Jamison Scott, Executive Vice President, of Air Handling Systems has done extensive research on the Combustible Dust issue. Jamison has presented numerous combustible dust seminars throughout North America and regularly acts as a technical resource. He has authored several combustible dust articles for national and international trade publications including Air Pollution Control, Powder Bulk Solids, Wood & Wood Products, FDM Asia, FDMC, Wood Industry (Canada), Woodshop News, Chemical Engineering, and Pallet Enterprises.  Jamison also serves on the Technical Advisory Board for Air Pollution Control.

Jamison serves as President of the Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America (WMMA). Additionally, he serves on the Board of the New Haven Manufactures Associations (NHMA).  A fierce advocate for Connecticut industry, Jamison is in constant communication with Washington and Hartford, Ct elected representatives on behalf of Air Handling Systems and manufacturers across the state of Connecticut and the nation. Currently Jamison is working on a federal bill he helped co-create and name called the MRA (Manufacturing Reinvestment Account) which resembles an IRA for manufacturers.

Curt Corum, Sales Manager, has been recognized as an industry leader in the field of dust and fume collection.  Curt regularly presents dust collection seminars throughout the country. Sandor Nagyszalanczy, author of Woodshop Dust Control, thanked Curt for “kind and tireless help in educating him about the technical aspects of dust collection systems.” Additionally, Rick Peters, author of Controlling Dust in the Workshop expressed gratitude to Curt for providing product and technical support and “especially for helping with the designing systems chapter.” Curt served as technical advisor for the installation of dust collection systems for both The New Yankee Workshop television show hosted by Norm Abram, and This Old House television show. Curt also serves as a technical moderator for an online forum on Dust Collection, Plant Maintenance and Safety for the Woodweb, an online source for woodworkers.