One important reason is to avoid the health risk. Inhaling fine wood dust can develop into respiratory illnesses as well as aggravate existing respiratory conditions. There are various types of wood dust that can also cause irritation to uncovered skin surface. Fine wood dust can stay suspended for hours. Exposing employees to this type of environment will certainly result in workman’s compensation claims or even possibly a law suit. Providing dust collection at machinery as well as self-contained ceiling suspended dust collection units will keep the shop air virtually dust free.

To produce a quality product, the workshop should be as dust free as possible. If you have ever driven in a snowstorm or rainstorm you can feel for a woodworker who has his vision impaired by clouds of sawdust. Making accurate cuts, measurements, assemblies, etc. are extremely difficult under this condition. Also, if a shop has a high concentration of wood dust in the air, the dust can be drawn into paint booths. The dust will surely create a defective finish on the product. In addition, if dust collection is not provided for machines such as planers, the chips will lay on the boards and create indentations on the planed material. Thus, again creating a defective product. Having spot dust collection on machinery and self-contained air cleaners will surely take care of these potential problems.