We offer quite a variety of flexible hoses. We encourage using clear flex hose for CNC router and moulder applications. This flexible hose is called Urethane U30, (Part #U30-C). We also offer it in black, (Part #U30-B). The hose consists of a 30-mil urethane that is wire-reinforced. This urethane material has a high tear strength, and abrasion resistance to handle the chip collection required for such woodworking machines. The flex hose handles particleboard applications very effectively. It is also flexible enough to handle the stress of traversing back and forth on the moving equipment. For even more stressful, abrasive conditions, we have a 45-mil urethane flex hose, (Part #U45). It is not quite as flexible as the 30-mil material, but is considerably more durable. Applications for sawdust trailer loading, and leaf collection/street sweeping are its common practice.