There’s great customer service, and then there’s exceptional…

Connecticut based Air Handling Systems is a leader in dust and fume collection, industrial ventilation, and air handling products. Those have all been significant sectors as the world has dealt with COVID 19. The U.S. has also had to cope with supply chain shortages, a lack of qualified employees across the economy and, conversely, a booming construction industry. Through it all, Air Handling Systems has outpaced its customers’ expectations in service and products. In business since the end of World War II, it became one of the very first online suppliers of dust and fume collection components in 1995. Through the difficulties of the last couple of years, it has led the industry by example in terms of customer commitment, quality, and teamwork. Its success is borne out by a host of five-star reviews on GoogleTM, where clients have consistently praised the timeliness, accuracy and helpfulness of the customer support staff.

The stellar reviews on Google paint a picture of a company that values long-term relationships. For example, a note from Chris Rotondo in Stratford, Connecticut says that “Air Handling Systems has been providing quality products to Carbtrol Corporation for over thirty years, and everyone I have ever dealt with there has been courteous and knowledgeable.” Another customer, Greg Russo, notes that “these folks are great. We have been ordering monthly for years and they have always been timely and communicative.” And Nathan Vasquez says that his shop has “been ordering product from Air Handling Systems for as long as I can remember (and we’ve) never had any defects with said products and our customers love them, too. Thanks for always coming in at 100%.”

Of course, it helps when the product is as good as the customer service. This U.S. owned manufacturer is proud to produce air handling systems that are made by American labor using American materials. The catalog is very comprehensive. Along with both rigid and flexible ductwork, it includes everything a facility will ever need to stay safe, clean, and efficient when it comes to dust and fume control. There are swiveling ball joints for changing direction, bell-mouths and starter collars for attaching ductwork to machines, plus couplers and clamps, hangers, silencers, reducers and transitions. There’s stainless steel pipe and fittings for vent systems, along with tees, saddles, boots, and caps for customizing a system to meet very specific needs. The catalog runs the gamut from high-end industrial installations to woodworking hobby shop dust collection.

Air Handling Systems manufactures its own spiral pipe in four different thickness gauges, and in 3- inch to 36-inch diameters in five-foot lengths. Spiral pipe is up to 20% stronger than smooth pipe, and it can be installed outdoors. Strong, inflexible spiral pipe can be used for main ducts, and it works perfectly with the company’s flexible hoses and fittings to complete a piping system that can include several machines. The catalog also includes a full selection of standard, half, and self-cleaning blast gates.

Some shops are a little hesitant at first about having product shipped to them, but that’s a concern that disappears after the first order. Each year, Air Handling Systems ships to virtually all fifty states plus Canada, Mexico and even countries located in the Caribbean and Central and South America. Through its years of shipping to all corners of the hemisphere, it has developed a great deal of expertise in the best packaging methods and most cost-effective shipping procedures. That has reduced delivery costs and transportation time for thousands of satisfied customers.

Beyond woodworking, Air Handling Systems is a presence in the HVAC, aerospace, pharmaceutical, chemical and powder industries for both dust collection and fume collection. There, too, its core values of commitment to its customers, highest quality products and seamless teamwork have earned this company a reputation for providing all the information a shop needs to make a well-educated purchase.