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Air Handling Systems has been helping customers breathe easier for over 70 years.

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Air Handling Systems is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality dust and fume collection components. We cater to a diverse range of industries, including woodworking, aerospace, paper, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics, and HVAC. With our extensive product line, we provide effective solutions for commercial, industrial, and hobby applications.

Whether you need dust collection components for a large-scale industrial facility or a smaller woodworking workshop, Air Handling Systems has you covered. Our components are designed to ensure clean and safe environments by efficiently capturing and filtering airborne contaminants generated during various processes.

By choosing Air Handling Systems, you can rely on our expertise in providing top-notch dust and fume collection solutions. Improve air quality and maintain a healthier workplace with our reliable products, specifically engineered to meet the unique requirements of your industry. Trust Air Handling Systems for all your dust and fume collection needs.

Our Core Values

Commitment to the Customer, 100% Quality and Teamwork

We ask questions to understand and assess customer needs.

Our goal is to solve the problem – not just sell a product. We are adaptable and flexible; our knowledge and experience adds value for our customers. We provide custom solutions to meet specific needs.

We are known for our superior product quality. We take pride in making the correct product to meet customer needs—every time.

We have perfected our packaging and shipping process to provide consistently fast turnaround times and minimize shipping costs.

We develop long term relationships with our customers. This focus on support keeps our customers coming back.

What Our Customers Say

I’ve designed several ducting systems over the years, and the parts and service from Air Handling are top notch. Everything fits like a glove, and the team is really helpful and communicative.

Cory W.

Very knowledgeable and easy to work with – they listened to our problem and gave us the best solution to fit our needs. The finished set up is much more effective than our original.

Wholesale Frame Company

Dust collection can be a difficult thing to navigate – Air Hand does a good job of having all the info you need in one place. If you do have further questions their staff is very knowledgeable!

Jay K.

Our Areas of Expertise

We understand the dust collection needs of wood product manufacturers, such as furniture and cabinetmakers, boat builders, mobile home manufacturers and sawmills. We also work with paper mills and corrugated box manufacturers.

We are experts in combustible dusts – fine particles that present an explosion hazard when suspended in air. Visit our Combustible Dust resource page for our own presentations, plus links to more resources.

From spray booths and welding booths, to chemical and allied product manufacturing, to shooting ranges requiring gun smoke ventilation – we provide fume collection for these applications and many more.

We provide pollution control for many industries – from ozone removal for printing and publishing facilities, to fresh air supply in explosion-proof labs for the oil extraction industry, to pharmaceutical manufacturing and clean rooms.

Need to provide parts promptly for an installation? We supply HVAC shops across the country. With our fully stocked inventory, we get you what you need, when you need it. Call us with any special needs – we are happy to provide a quote.

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